Healthcare Practice Management

Medical Home Team is a healthcare practice management company dedicated to providing Primary Care services to chronic and transitional patients to deliver comprehensive and coordinated care to seniors in their home. Medical Home Team’s vision is to create superior healthcare for seniors.

Medical Home Team joins with medical practices and facilities to offer chronic and transitional patients comprehensive attention once they are discharged from an acute facility or if they need more attention and holistic care in their home instead of an office. Each team is composed of exceptional and experienced primary care physicians with specially trained Medical Home nurse practitioners. Medical Home Team is bringing back Primary Care to the Home.

Medical Home Team Van

Chronic Care Team

A Chronic Care Team is a model of comprehensive care that centers around a senior patient being delivered primary care without them having to leave their home. This model created by Medical Home Team is comprehensive in nature and offers in-home primary care from a physician and their hand-picked medical team.

Transitional Care Team

A Transitional Care Team is a physician level post-acute outpatient practice that supports patients after they leave the hospital, LTAC, Post-Acute Facility or Skilled Nursing Facility. MHT “Brings the Hospital to their Home” with a Medical Team that is led by a hospitalist doctor.

Skilled Nursing Team

Medical Home Team has developed a model that provides Skilled Nursing Facilities with the best care for their patients. A hospitalist lead Medical Home Team provides a physician level post-acute practice that supports the patients in the Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Rx Compliance Packaging

MHT and GoldStar Pharmacy makes taking your medicine with the correct dose at the right time safe and convenient. MHT and GoldStar Pharmacy’s medication adherence management removes the need for pill bottles and implements a color-coded multi-dose medication compliance packaging shipped directly to your home.

Our Memberships

“I am a senior using your services. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have medical professionals show up at my door to help me! Your nurse practitioners are practically tops! Your team has provided competent medical attention and the extra dimension of TLC that has been absent in the medical profession. Medical Home Team has also helped minimize health costs and avert hospitalization. I salute you for bringing back the days when doctors made house calls!”
Current MHT Patient